Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Wacthed This? It all goes down Bolt and Bassey

3 days  down the road of this year’s edition of Big Brother Africa (the Chase) and housemates are still getting to know each other but that didn’t stop Ethiopia’s Betty and Sierra Leone’s super sharp guy, Bolt from sharing an intimate moment last night.
While their fellow #BBAChase housemates were sleeping, the couple kissed in a very passionate way.It would have gone down  but it seems Bolt came to the party unprepared for he searched for glove's and unfortunately he couldn't find one, Bolt ransacked his pocket but the search was futile so they just  stopped on the kiss and went to the kitchen to drink some water instead.Lets just wait for what they are cooking.

Hahaha life is always unpredictable in the big-brother house......uuuuum and life is also unpredictable so just watch the space.

Monday, 27 May 2013

When Men Get What They Want, They Leave The Morning After- Beverly Osu

Nigeria's representative in BBA 8, Beverly Osu was asked if she would fall in love in the BBA house and here is what she said.

I was in a relationship with this guy and I was close to marrying, but I broke up with him just because after fighting with my parents over him, and with my friends too; I found out that he had not a single feeling and neither did he love me at all so I had to break up with him. After all that this guy did to me, every guy that I meet and seem to fall in love with or any one that tells me he's in love with me, I don't take them seriously. All I know is that you guys will be chasing something and on getting it, you leave the morning after that.

Beverly And Feza become The First Sheriffs of The Chase.

The chase’s  first day has been quite eventful to the Housemates and we hope that it will give them a great Big Brother experience as they settle in their new home for the next three months.
After the Bloody Nominations, Big Brother gave his guests a short  break before he popped in with the Head of House tasks. The Rubies had  he task first; In the garden a covered container was placed  and Housemates one by one were required to pick one  ball without looking into the container, line up and  raise their balls.
All the other Housemates had yellow balls except Beverly who had a blue ball and she was announces the first HOH.
Meanwhile in the Diamond House,the same task was  carried out and Feza emerged out victorious.
This put Beverly and Feza in control of the Rubies and Diamonds respectively…

Friday, 24 May 2013

Uganda's Dynamic Duo Radio And Weasel Off To South Africa,Is It For BBA??

Uganda’s singing duo Moze Radio and Weasel confessed early this week to be the two selected housemates to represent Uganda in this year BBA show set to kick off on Sunday,26th May,2013.
This according to their fans was unlikely since the chosen representatives are under strict code not to disclose their legibility to any one…….  the boys however,haven’t stopped talking about Bigbrother Africa and seem rather excited to be chosen…read their recent Facebook update below;
“Off to South Africa to represent UG, Big Brother.” 
The other twist is the fact that the Gudlyf crew is scheduled to perform in South Africa on Saturday 25th May,2013,only one day to the launch of this year’s BBA Show,meaning that they could have a chance to actually attend  the show.look at their poster below;

The openning acts for this year show have already been announced,among whom is Kenya’s Stella Mwangi aka STL, Nigeria’s Don Jazzy, D’Prince and South Africa’s Mafikizolo who will perform as the 28 Housemates are unveiled.
Do you think the Gudlyf crew are to represent Uganda in Bigbrother Africa as they have excitedly announced on several occasions,or it is all  nothing but hype and they will only attend the show as guests?
Only time will tell …….Watch the show live on channels 197 and 198 on DSTV,starting at 19:00.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fame Fortune or Both??... Awaits BigBrother Africa Season 8 Contestants

Some people check the calendar to see how far into the year we are, others just wait for a new season of Big Brother Africa. The annual reality show only airs for 91 days, but it leaves a lasting expression on those who enjoy it. It shapes the lives of the young, ambitious people who participate hoping to become the winner who walks away with both fame and fortune.
Incredibly, after South Africa’s Kabelo “KB” Ngakane handed over the reins of the Big Brother hosting job, his replace- ment, IK Osakioduw, has helmed the spot ever since.
“This coming season will be my fifth consecutive season on the show,” said the man popularly known as IK.
“I feel like I have done a decent job to stay this long and I appreciate that Multichoice has believed in me,” he said.
IK hopes to become more involved in matters behind the scenes as well so that he can grow as a broadcaster and have some understanding on where he needs to improve as a host.
“I am in the good books of all the technical staff and opening my mind to all sorts of possibilities that come with being involved in the behind-the-scenes work. I have been doing radio for 13 years so I think it is only time that I branch out and under-stand the ins and outs of television pro- duction,” he pointed out.
Titled Big Brother: The Chase, this year’s instalment is possibly going to be the biggest yet, with $300 000 (R2.8 million) up for grabs. Although the producers are mum about how the show will work, IK hinted that its launch was going to be exciting.
“You know, they always save the good stuff for the big reveal on Sunday and they never disappoint, so move whatever other plans you may have to catch Big Brother: The Chase’s launch. It is going to be the best yet, and at this point that’s all I am allowed to say,” he said.
For someone who has been on the show for a long time it was only right to ask him what he regards as his highs and lows from when he started out.
“My happiest moment must have been when I had to announce to Wendall and Karen that they were the winners. The two were unlikely victors at first, but they remained themselves and people found out that the rest were acting so it became clear who should win,” he said.
“My lowest was letting three sets of housemates go. Some had fought, others because of sickness then the other pair, one of them was just bored and did not want anything to do with the show. I always wish everyone could stay right until to the end because that way we know they tried their best,” explained the host.
While we don’t know who will be on the upcoming season, IK offered some advice to the hopefuls on how to play the game.
“This may sound like a cliche, but the truth is, there is no better way of saying it other than saying, you have to be yourself. Acting for three months straight is hard and audiences feel cheated when they discover you were putting on a facade,” he said.
Big Brother starts Sunday at 7pm on AfricaMagic (DStv channel 154), Africa- Magic Entertainment (DStv channel 150), AfricaMagic World (DStv channel 155) and DStv channels 197 and 198.


Airtel to Sponsor 2013 Edition of Big Brother Africa Season 8"The Chase."

A lot of electrifying surprises  showing up ahead of the commencement of the eight season of the Big Brother Africa Reality TV show, dubbed the chase.
The lateet news reaching our desk discloses that this highky billed reality TV show  has roped in leading pan African mobie service provider Airtel as its headline sponsor.
This development was confirmed by both Airtel Malawi and Multichoice Malawi.
“It’s indeed true that Airtel is the sponsor of this year’s Big Brother Africa show,” Multichoice Malawi  Marketing manager Chimwemwe Nyirenda confirmed.
The much awaited show which  is kicking off on May, 26 2013 will  feature 28 contestants from 14 counries across the continent who are to live in a closed house for over 90 days competing for a whopping $US300,000 grand prize.
Participating countries include, Angola,Botswana,Ethiopia,Ghana, Kenya,Malawi,Nigeria,Siera Leone,South Africa,Tanzania,Uganda,Zambia and Zim

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Get The Bigbrother Fever On Star Gist; Friday,24th May,2013

Get Big Brother Africa fever this Friday with Star Gist as Lawrence and Vimbai put together a profile on Karen Igho, winner of Big Brother Amplified…with an overview of the much anticipated  Bigbrother;the chase.
Go down BBA memory lane as we count down to the new season………3 days to go!

source: Africa Magic

Friday, 17 May 2013

Former Bigbrother Stargame Housemate Roki’s ex-wives claim they are done with him

The feud between urban groover Rockford “Roki” Josphats and his two ex-wives, Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa, continues unabated with the women alleging that the musician is failing to take care of his children. 

Roki’s ex-wives ,who were booted out of their Waterfalls lodgings last month for failing to pay rent and other bills, are now living apart and they both claim they are done with Roki.
Pauline, who confirmed her split from her friend Melody, said she was now living peacefully with her two children, adding that she was no longer dependent on anyone.
“Why are you asking me about my private life? Rather you should ask about constructive issues that at least have something to do with my music. Right now my parents are unsettled and they will opt to change my surname because of these and other stories about my private life that you always write about.
“All I can tell you is that I’m done with Roki, I look after myself and my kids very well. I don’t know where Melody is currently living, but she is still my friend. Honestly, I have nothing against her,” said Pauline.
She, however, could not divulge where she was currently staying, saying it was personal.
Information from a close source who only identified herself as Massie said Pauline was living in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls.
“Mai Sky”, as Pauline is now popularly known, is looking for funding to start a project targeted at single mothers. She said the project was about educating and giving hope to all single mothers.
She will go a step further to release a CD which carries songs that talk about the life and experiences of single mothers.
“Let’s bury that issue of my relationship and talk about the business I want to start. It’s already in the pipeline and plans are that I will engage big organisations willing to avail funds in support of the campaign.” 

Hot Gossip: Has Lady Squanda landed Big Brother role?

ZIMBABWEANS will know the country’s representatives in this year’s Big Brother Africa when the show returns to the screens on May 26.
Two contestants from each of the 14 countries taking part will enter the Big Brother house in South Africa and live out the show’s 91-day run in front of cameras with the promise of a US$300,000 prize for the winner.
Following on last year’s format, one of the two contestants for each country will be a celebrity.
Maneta Mazanhi, a former Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) cashier, and the singer Roki Josphats, were Zimbabwe’s contestants in last year’s show, but were both evicted unceremoniously after a violent showdown.
Speculation is rife that Zimbabwe’s celebrity representative is a toss-up between the controversial rapper, Lady Squanda, and socialite, Pokello Nare.
Lady Squanda's supporters last year set up a Facebook page to rally support for her to be picked. The page has been liked 2,300 times.
Former UK Big Brother star Makosi Musambasi was forced to deny auditioning for the show.
Singer Nox Guni, asked if he could be going on the show, quipped: "I don't have a spare three months!"
The finalists would have been informed by now, but they are sworn to secrecy with threats that they will be dropped if they reveal.
This year’s Big Brother, now in its 8th season, has been dubbed ‘The Chase’.
Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe will each have two contestants slugging it out between May 26 and August 25.
Nigerian host IK Osakioduwa also returns.
Commenting on the new season, M-Net Africa Managing Director Biola Alab said: “We want to give audiences and loyal fans of the show, a truly unforgettable viewing experience once again. This season audiences can expect a show encompassing suspense, emotions, drama, fun, excitement and quite possibly, as we have seen in previous seasons, a little romance.”
Producers Endemol say The Chase will “combine electrifying twists and big surprises that will require housemates to use their charm to get ahead, possibly leaving room for cupid’s arrow to connect two hearts or more.”


Hot Scoop: Elikem Kumordzi to rep Ghana at Big Brother Africa – The Chase?

Many people have been asking me for who would be repping Ghana in the upcoming 8thseason of Big Brother Africa, dubbed The Chase.  
And though I’m not a fan of giving out the names of housemates before the actual launch, it seems that one name has been ‘let out of the bag’.
Amanda made the claims when she hosted Elikem and the casts of ‘Cheaters’ on her show, Thursday night.  
Amanda told Elikem that she had confirmed from strong sources that Elikem would be leaving for South Africa for the show soon. Elikem denied the claims rather unconvincingly, saying that he isn’t the one to rep Ghana although he had auditioned for it.  Hmm, could Elikem be one of the housemates? Let’s stay tuned! I have known Elikem for some time now; I think he has the confidence and character to entertain viewers while in the house.

The Chase: Will Zimbabwe Shine this time Round??

“Biggie is always full of surprises”, is always the catch-line of the annual Big Brother Africa (BBA) series. The series, now in its eighth season will launch on May 26 on DStv’s channels 197 and 198.
With a week left before the fun, adventure, controversy, romance, heartbreaks, conspiracies, alliances and drama start, fans are still speculating on their country’s representatives.
Socialite Pokello Nare and former Big Brother UK housemate Makosi Musambasi are some of the people who have been tipped to be Zimbabwe’s representatives.
Other celebrities who were spotted at the auditions include models Oliver Keith and Tanya Chikuni, musicians Lady Squanda and Taurai Mandebvu, DJ Staera and actor Hillary Indi.
Housemates-to-be are not allowed to tell the public that they have been selected and this has seen many of the prospective candidates declining to comment or professing ignorance about their participation in the show this year.
Most people are convinced this year’s house will be a socialites’ affair judging by their high attendance at this year’s BBA auditions.
The truth will only unfold on May 25 when the reality show launches. As usual, organisers of the show are trying by all means to hide the housemates’ identity from the public until the official launch.
This year’s edition has been christened “The Chase”.
What is guaranteed though is that the show will feature 28 housemates from 14 countries. They will not only be chasing the US$300 000 cash prize, but also the chance to become a household name across the continent, and perhaps even finding romance considering that some former housemates (Meryl and Mwisho) got married in the house.
Multichoice Zimbabwe publicity and public relations manager, Liz Dziva, said she had no idea of the representatives and was also waiting for the launch to find out.
“DStv audiences across the continent should gear up for more fun, entertainment and reality TV adventure. Every season has its own special moments and always strives to deliver the best in entertainment. Biggie is always full of surprises, what you see is not what you get,” she said.
Dziva added that The Chase would combine electrifying twists and big surprises that will require housemates to use their charm to get ahead, possibly leaving room for cupid’s arrow to connect two hearts or more.
Big Brother Africa is a television show in which a group of people live together in a large house, isolated with no communication with the outside world, but continuously watched by television cameras. The series is produced for M-Net by Endemol South Africa.
The housemates try to win a cash prize by avoiding periodic evictions from the house and surviving for three months.
Over the years, Zimbabwe has been represented by Tapuwa Mhere, Bertha Zakeyo, Munya Chidzonga, Krystal Culverwell, Itai Makumbe, Wendall Parson and Vimbai Mutinhiri, Roki, Teclar and Maneta Mazanhi.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Is Prezzo Planning Secret Wedding?

It’s only prudent for a man to move on after a botched relationship. After the untimely demise of Prezzo’s sweetheart, Nigerian pop-star Goldie Harvey (RIP), el Presidente seems to have been struck by cupid once again.
The ‘Liqher’ singer is now dating a Tanzanian girl who refers to herself as Diva. The “diva” is aRadio Personality and Voice Artist at Clouds FM in Tanzania. After the rumours went out that the two were an item, she took to hertwitter to confirm the same. Check out these tweets;
Aww I So miss Prezzo. Can’t live without him, he is my heart “@Sheikh_Ham: prezzo? RT @Divamimi I so miss my Baby. Love
@bongofive ilove Prezzo and Simuachi Ng’oo , so she better deal with dat. She needs to leave me alone now. Its LOVE!. #bowdown#UheardTheDiva
Aww, thank you sweetie RT @Mshiet_: Hehehe so this Pretty Woman @Divamimi is the new @Amb_Prezzo’s Catch and not @HUDDAHMONROE?? She So Fine
Np’ The boy is mine – Monica arnold feat. Brandy
#TeamPrezzo #Rapcellency#ThePresident. Am 100% Protecting his Territory , ukno how we do it Son. In Jay’z voice #1love @Abstractfilms23
Proudly tanzanian ,handling a man like Prezzo is kinda easy. The wedding?. We jus want our privacy now. Thanks
He is that man in ma life, future husband and my baby Daddy. That’s my CMB Prezzo @AMB_Pre
Yes and we are going to get married and have cute babies together, one thing for sho ‘Love in the air. Lol… @uniquejam @AMB_Prezzo
Even Players fall inlove.. they got heart and love to give . so please before u judge let yo own fingers judge you first. dont point fingers
So the next Qn from @ladyhahaa is .. are you gonna leave yo man over PREZZO and The Answer is YES.. am gonna leave him over PREZZO. Lol
he is sucha Darling. Such a sweetheart. makes me smile always “@swtlovex: Hmmm he’s such a sweet guy :)“@Divamimi: i so miss @AMB_Prezzo”
In other words, this chic is so smitten with Prezzo that every other tweet is about Prezzo. If it’s true love, we wish them all the best.


Tuesday, 14 May 2013

BBA 8 Launch: Watch it Live and Online come 26th may

The clock’s ticking, your pulse is racing, you’re preparing for the launch of Big Brother Africa 8.

It’s easy enough to turn on your TV, but did you know that if you point your browser at 20:00 CAT on Sunday 26 May you can watch the live show launch on your PC?

Yes, in awesome Big Brother Africa style, the opening show will be streamed live to audiences across Africa on the Big Brother website.

So surround yourself with family and friends, allow them to take charge of the TV remote and tune in to the first crucial minutes of BBA 8 on your desktop.

Live website streaming is free and accessible to anyone with a personal computer and an internet connection.

And Yet another one..... We had "The Stargame" Now Unveiling "The Chase"

Big Brother Africa ‘The Chase’ kicks off May 26th2013, The Chase will feature 28 contestants.

Big Brother Africa, arguably the most popular (and controversial) reality show on the continent, is coming back on Sunday, May 26 for its 8th season titled The Chase.
This season, 28 contestants from 14 countries will vie for a $300,000 (N47 million) cash prize. The TV show will be shown 24 hours a day for 91 days on DSTV channels 197 and 198. GOTV subscribers will only get to watch daily highlights.
“Big Brother Africa is a pretty unique show. Every season has its own special moments and features. I’m super excited to be invited back to host the show. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past seasons and I look forward to bringing a fresh and energetic approach to The Chase,” said six-time host of the show, Ik Osakioduwa.
The show was first launched for a continental audience in 2003 with 12 contestants and Mark Pilgrim as host. After a three-year hiatus, it was re-launched in 2007 with new host, Kabelo Ngakane. Nigeria’s Ik took over hosting duties in 2009 with Big Brother Africa 4: The Revolution, the first of its super-sized editions- 25 contestants featured that year.
Nigeria won the top prize in Seasons 4, 5 and 6: The Revolution, All Stars, and Amplified respectively.
According to M-Net Africa Managing Director, Biola Alabi, with this season, fans of the show can expect to have a truly unforgettable viewing experience once again.
“This season, audiences can expect a show encompassing suspense, emotions, drama, fun, excitement and quite possibly, as we have seen in previous seasons, a little romance,” she said.
Past winners of the show include Jara’s Uti Nwachukwu and socialite, Karen Igho.

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Friday, 10 May 2013

Messages Talia And Seydou About Keagan

Check out the Instant message between Talia and Seydou just  after the Stargame winner Keagan had made it clear in his radio interview that Talia was planing to move to Cape Town.
Keagan might have won the grand prize…but lost out on love in the house!