Tuesday, 3 September 2013

‘I made Nigeria Proud’ – Beverly Osu.

Beverly Osu made history by becoming the first BBA contestant that was never nominated for eviction since the inception of the African franchise of the television series in 2003
24 hours after she arrived Nigeria, BBA The Chase finalist Beverly Osu was rushed to Faith City Hospital, Oju Olobun Close, off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
The BBA star was admitted for treatment due to a sprain ankle she suffered in the BBA house, a day to the finale.
For 91 days, the video vixen entertained Africa with so many tales of her life experiences and of course, the widely condemned sexual encounter that resulted from an in-house love affair between her and another housemate, Angelo Collins
The one question everybody wanted to know was why she succumbed to her sexual urges and having sex with the South African while the entire continent watched.
‘I did not have sex in the house, I never had sex in the house. I had a relationship with Angelo Collins but we didn’t have sex. Nothing happened between me and Angelo. Though there were awkward moments, we never had sex. I know what happened then between us but we never got down to have sex’, she insists.
Rumour has it that Angelo has a girlfriend, but Beverly doesn’t seem to care. ‘I don’t want to talk about his so called girlfriend because I don’t know anything about her’.
Does she see a future in the relationship, she says, ‘We talk every day. He loves me and I still love him. I would get married to him if I had the chance.’
Of course on the issue of nudity she says, ‘all of us take our baths naked. So I shouldn’t be different because I went for a reality show. I shouldn’t be different from every other person, because I didn’t bring out my videos, Big Brother did so I should not be judged, and I represented Nigeria well’.
Particularly known for her fabulous stories: from abortion to rape to sleeping with men for money and dating musicians, she seems not to regret her actions at all.‘I’m a very open person. Melvin knows, he stayed with me for 91 days. I say what’s on my mind, and for me to reveal myself to the world, it didn’t look like I was revealing myself to the world’, she said, ‘I was talking too much, maybe, but I’m on a reality show. I don’t regret saying the things that I said about me and my family, because if I have to be on this platform, people have to know the real me and what I’ve been through.’

Forgive Me, Osu Appeals To Nigerians

BEVERLY OSU, one of the two Nigerian housemates at the just-concluded Big Brother Africa — The Chase edition has begged Nigerians to forgive her for the embarrassment she caused the country at the competition. The video vixen who caused quite a stir when she had sex with another housemate Angelo from South Africa finished in the top five of the reality show after surviving nomination for the entire season.

Speaking with Vanguard after the show, Beverly disclosed the controversies that surrounded her in the house weren’t intentional.
“I don’t feel happy about it (the embarrassment) because this was the first time I represented the country in any continental competition. But the fact remains that if you didn’t go for it, you wouldn’t know how it’s in the House.

“I wasn’t there with my cellphone to be able to communicate with the outside world. I was just there alone. I’m sorry for embarrassing my country. I didn’t do it intentionally. My participation in the show was not to embarrass my country. I am a proud Nigerian.”

During her stay, the 21-year-old model revealed to her fellow housemates that she plans on getting married next year, saying: “I am ripe for marriage.”

When asked by her fellow housemates what she would do if South African Angelo was not interested in tying the knot next year, she replied: “There are lots of other fish in the sea.”

Beverly went into the house single but got into a relationship with South African housemate Angelo who actually had a strong relationship with Candice Arends outside the house.


Photos: Selly In Zambia Having Fun With Sulu And Others

It seems that Ghana’s Selly is having some massive fun on her visit to Zambia. She has been spotted going out and about with her ‘Ruby Sweetheart’ Sulu and former Big Brother The Chase housemates, Cleo and JJ. Selly and Sulu (Sulley) presented AWARDS at Zambia’s international car race rally. Check out the pix

Monday, 2 September 2013

Pokello sex tape is ‘nice’ – Former Big Brother Africa star Elikem

Elikem, the man who became the first Ghanaian to appear at the Big Brother Africa finals confirmed that co-housemate Pokello has a sex tape.
During a media session last Friday in Accra, Elikem said his newly found love Pokello discussed the sex tape issue with him. “She told me about the sex tape, she told me about it in the get-go and how it went”.
Elikem said he has also seen Pokello’s sex tape and that it isn’t really a big deal to him. “I don’t want to say I like it, but its nice”.
Elikem finished third at the just ended BBA, (The Chase). He was also voted the show’s romantic housemate of the season and awarded a cash prize of USD 10,000 for his efforts.

The Chase: No Regrets From Beverly

Like or hate it, the 2013 edition of the Big Brother Africa reality show tagged The Chase got its desired attention and it’s no gainsaying that our own Beverly Osu, the only contestant who was never up for eviction throughout the duration of the show and of course Melvin, contributed to making the reality show a mind-blowing experience for viewers. Just back into the country, Beverly and Melvin shared their ordeal.
Did they feel bad that they came, saw but never conquered? This is what they both had to say: “Well, we were not cheated. It is the votes. In the Big Brother House we were very united. The winner deserved to win. Melvin is on One Campaign and I broke record. Fair enough, we didn’t come out winners, but we came out with something.”
One of the things that made this year’s BBA tick was the ‘Nigerian factor’ and Beverly brought it on in full glare. But that apart, the X-factor as most viewers have stated, was the amount of nudity on display. Beverly notes: “I took my bath naked. We all did and I couldn’t be different. I did not bring out the video, Big Brother did, so I should not be judged, I represented Nigeria well.”
Refuting the general opinion, Beverly says that she did represent Nigeria well. She also cleared the air on having sex with her Angolan lover, Angelo. “I would say I did not have sex in the house and I never had sex in the house. I had a relationship, and we didn’t have sex.”
To cap it all, Beverly revealed she doesn’t have any regrets as far as the show is concerned. “I’m a very open person. I say what is on my mind. And for me to reveal myself to the world, it didn’t feel like I was revealing myself to the world. I was talking to my housemates. I don’t regret the things I said about myself and my family. Because if I am on this platform, people have to know the real me and what I have been through.” Now that BBA is over and she’s back home, just what’s next for Beverly? The undergraduate student at the National Open University where she’s studying Mass Communication said, “Before going into the house, I was into entertainment. Before I left I had a show called Beverly… I am pushing it. And if you watch Big Brother, you would have seen that I can act. So I am going into movies. And I have to finish school, because I am just in 200L at the National Open University studying Mass Communication.